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About Ryan

As a highly skilled and experienced artist, Ryan Darling has a passion for creating unique illustration and sculptural designs for renderings that are sure to impress and delight collectors. With over 20 years of experience in the 3D modeling and illustration field, he has developed a unique and highly sought-after style that is sure to elevate any collection. Ryan's expertise blending traditional mediums with digital in a variety of areas, including ZBrush, photogrammetry, and non-destructive procedural modeling, allows him to create truly stunning and intricate pieces that showcase his exceptional attention to detail.

Beyond his fine art, Ryan's work has been used for educating surgeons about innovative surgical instruments and has been featured in trade show displays, publications, and website use, making him a respected name in the industry. In addition to his skills as an artist, Ryan also has a strong background in immersive design and XR technology, which he has put to use in creating engaging and interactive experiences for a variety of use cases. His work in this area has resulted in significant cost savings for Applied Medical Resources, making him a valuable asset to any project. Currently, Ryan is teaching Advanced ZBrush for the Entertainment and Design department at Laguna College of Art and Design. In this role, he provides a comprehensive overview of digital sculpting to students, with a focus on sculpting, rendering, 3D printing, and toy design. He also explores generating references using various AI image generation platforms, photogrammetry and guiding students through various projects over a 16- week term. If you are a collector looking to add some truly impressive and unique pieces to your collection, look no further than Ryan Darling. His expertise and attention to detail make him the perfect choice for those looking to invest in one-of-a-kind NFTs and sculptural collections. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Ryan's artistic playground with shape, form and immortality.

Featured Art

Sample Presentaion

Ryan Darling

3D Rabbit

Ryan Darling

3D Rabbit Render

Ryan Darling

ZBrush Movie

Ryan Darling

How to Own Your 3D Zodiac Collection

  • The Ryan Darling 3D Zodiac Collection is published by CaliCoin.io
  • Sign up for a CaliCoin.io entertainment wallet and player | Click here to register. Sign up is free.
  • Wallet holders receive 25 CaliCoin.io crypto currency and 1 Zodiac Collection starter drop.
  • Buy a Tier 1 Rabbit at the CaliCoin.io marketplace. The Rabbit will automatically transfer to your CaliCoin.io entertainment wallet following Rabbit NFT purchase and minting. Entertainment wallets hold and play all entertainment assets.
  • Successful Tier 3 Rabbit Owners MUST hold Tier 1 and Tier 2 Rabbits first.

* Maintaining a wallet past 30 days requires purchasing Rabbits, NFT’s, or, the CaliCoin Channel.*

Zodiac Rabbit Drop

3 Tier Stairway to Heaven

Tier 0


Tier 1

Limited Edition Rabbits
50 Unique | Series 50

Tier 2

Tier 1 Sell Outs ONLY
#TBD | Series 30

Tier 3

Tier 2 Sell Outs ONLY
#TBD | Series 20

1 Entertainment Wallet & Player

25 Calicoin Bucks

1 Entertainment Starter Pack

(images, audio, video, ...)

$0 for 30 days

2,500 Rabbit NFT's


AI 2d+ (GIF)

Sound (MP3)

3D Print Rabbit

TipJarLive.io SWAG

Rabbit Royalties

$100/Rabbit NFT

Rabbit1 Evolved

3D (MP4)

Music Video

3D Print Rabbit

TipJarLive.io VIP

Rabbit2 Royalties

$1,000/Rabbit NFT

Rabbit 2 Evolved


Music Video

3D Print Rabit

Caliland MetaVerse

Rabbit3 Ownership

$2,500/Rabbit NFT