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  • 3DZERT1R6A
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Rabbit 6 of 50 Asset ID: 3DZERT1R6A 3D Zodiac Ethereal Rabbit Collection by Ryan Darling Asset Name: 3D Zodiac Ethereal Tier I Rabbit 6 | RABBIT_3DZERT1R6A Description: 3D Zodiac Rabbit 6 of 50 original Rabbits dropped daily for 10 weeks | each Rabbit is a series of 50 making for 2500 available rabbits in Tier 1 | 3 Tier Collection | Buyers can purchase at any tier | Tier 1 Rabbit owners receive original Tier 1 Rabbit 5 assets as follows: .png NFT image file, 3D Tier 1 NFT Rabbit Mascot .glb file, physical 3D printed and shipped Tier 1 Mascot, advanced showing of Tier 2 and Tier 3 3D NFT drops, Ryan Darling ZBrush Class admission ($200 cash value), Ryan Darling 3D CGI MetaVerse Conference admission, CaliLand.io Metaverse Membership, CaliCoin.io 3D Wallet | $200/Rabbit

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